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Our procurement platform, "base86 Supplies," addresses industry problems by leveraging technology to drastically cut down on operational waste.  It makes lead generation effective and affordable.  It automates all your workflows, including inventory management, data sourcing and, RFQ and PO responses and documentation.  With no risk or upfront cost of any kind.

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Receive Leads via RFQs and POs

Simply joining the base86 platform will yield exposure to our network of dental practices, leading to qualified requests for quotes. Skip the entire funnel and get right to the sale of your quality products!

Simplify Complex Catalog Data Management

Upload your product catalog or have our team integrate with your site for automated price and product updates. No more difficult data management across multiple channels.

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Frictionless Customer Communications

Connect directly with your customers, within your workflow, or use our integrated messaging. Whatever your preferred method of work, base86 will adhere to it, not the other way around.


You control what and when to send, with the power of automation at your fingertips. Set RFQs to auto mode, and quotes will be generated and sent automatically with specific pricing rules you set. Less work, more results!

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